Frequently Asked Questions | Us&Co Professional Work Spaces

Us&Co Faqs

Can you provide phones?

We have various packages available in each of our locations, please enquire with a member of the team for more details.

What are your building hours? When are you open?

Access to the building is 24/7

Are your memberships really month-to-month?

Yes! Our Hot Desk and Fixed Desk memberships are very flexible. There is no deposit needed and both are on a rolling month-to-month contract.

Am I allowed to bring my dog? What is your pet policy?

We love pets, but are aware that other members may not, (our aim is to create a dynamic work environment) so unfortunately pets are not allowed.

Do you organize networking events in your building ?

We encourage members to meet and socialise in the Club Space. We supply beers every week and monthly cocktail evenings. We also put on special events throughout the year i.e Halloween, Christmas, Easter, pancake day! Our members have even abseiled down the building for charity…

How fast is your internet and is it secure?

Very secure. We have two 1GB resilient lines which enter the building from two different points, ensuring that if one goes down we have a back up.

Do you cater for cyclists?

Yes, we have a secure bike park on the premises, hot showers and a separate drying room for clothes

What is security like?

The building is equipped with a fully integrated access control system including CCTV.

Can I book a desk for the day?

Yes, we offer a day membership in each of our locations.