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10 podcasts to enhance your commute

Bored of hearing the same old songs on the radio every day during your commute to work? Want to make better use of the time you spend in your car, or on the train or bus? Well, we’ve hand-picked our top 10 podcasts that are the perfect way to enhance your commute, making it more productive and even, more fun. They are a great way to kick start your day or help you wind down on the way home

1. Accidental Creative

This podcast will teach you how to turn those everyday ideas into business solutions and tools, and build them into your life and work. Including interviews with a whole host of guests, including business leaders, artists and authors, all are using their own expertise to offer tips and advice. It’s perfect for the business brains out there.

2. Manager tools

For all the managers out there, this one is for you. Manager Tools aims to help professionals become more effective managers and leaders, and breakaway from the traditional, tired management theories. There are specific actions discussed each week to help you achieve your management goals, such as how to make your employees feel appreciated, and how to deal with office politics.

3. Stuff to blow your mind

We all have those moments of wonder, where our mind runs away with us and we start questioning everything about reality. This podcast does exactly what it says on the tin, it is full of surprising information and mind blowing facts and topics that you’ll be able to bring to the water cooler at the office. Anything from “Is social media driving us insane?” to “Where does the notion of road rage come from?” this podcast is sure to get you thinking.

4. Stuff you should know

Similar to “Stuff to blow your mind” this podcast will arm you with a whole wealth of interesting facts to take into the office, and give you something impress your friends with. As the title says, it’s stuff we probably should all know, but probably don’t. Ever wondered how food tasters work, or how the space station works or even how gossip works? Then this will be right up your street. Try it today and get learning.

5. Splendid Table

Now this one may be more suited to your journey home, as it could be great for sparking some cooking inspiration for dinner, and encouraging you to get into the kitchen. The Splendid Table is a culinary, culture and lifestyle program that celebrates food. Full of audio recipes, cooking tips, food news and passionate stories from industry experts, this podcast is perfect for your inner foodie.

6. Back to Work

Kick start your day with this award-winning talk show about everything work-related. Topics covered include communication, productivity, business barriers, office life and MUCH more. It’s a great way to ease you into the day on your way to work and get your business brain in gear.

7. Take Action Q&A

This podcast is perfect for the time-poor business-orientated listeners out there. In just 10 minute episodes, host Rye Taylor helps you leverage your passion by asking questions to industry experts, from the world of creativity, entrepreneurial and communication. You will not only get your question answered but also have actionable steps that you will be able to apply to your work and life straight away.

8. Radio Headspace

Ever thought about meditation, but felt a bit daunted by it, unsure of exactly what to do and how to do it? Then try Radio Headspace, it is perfect way to ease you into the meditation world and get you started. Each week there is a short, calming exercise to follow to help you lead a happy and healthier life. Why not try it one morning this week, and see how it makes you feel?

9. You look nice today

Bring a smile to your commute with this comedy driven (and at times slightly explicit) podcast, it talks about those painfully awkward topics of modern day life that we have all experienced at one point or another. Such as when you’re forced to go to long dinner parties and how to deal with public swimming pools.

10.The Economist

This audio version of the magazine is great for those who drive to and from work and aren’t able to read. Each six-minute episode gives a selection of hand-selected articles from the newsstand, in quick bitesize chunks for you to listen to throughout the day and keep yourself clued up on the latest news.