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From Garage to Growth: How a Flexible Workspace Can Help Your Startup Scale

Colourful flexible working space at Us&Co Stratford

Creating a startup business may mean you have to make some tough decisions, from resources to location. 

Choosing a startup location can be challenging, especially as you focus on business growth and how to scale a startup. You may have started your new business venture in your spare room or even the garage, but as you start to build your offerings and your team you may be looking for a different space that can accommodate your needs.

In the early stages of building your business, you may not have the funds or needs for a big office but want the flexibility of being able to grow without running out of space. Flexible workspaces may be the solution.

At Us & Co we believe that flexible workspaces are ideal for all businesses, no matter their size, especially for startups looking to grow. So let’s look at how you can scale your startup with a flexible workspace.


What Is A Flexible Workspace?

A flexible workspace has been created to provide an adaptable space that you can choose to rent full-time or allows you to limit office times to allow you to work as and when you need.

The benefit of flexible workspaces is that you can adapt them to your needs whilst saving money as you can choose your package based on your available funds. You will also discover a wide variety of included amenities that help your workday flow, from communal kitchens to toilets and comfy spaces that are ideal for computer breaks.

From a co-working space that provides a chilled office environment, to private office spaces for the whole team, there are plenty of options to suit your needs and growth.


The Cost of Flexible Workspaces

One benefit of choosing to use a flexible workspace is the budget-friendly ‘pay for what you use’ aspect, allowing you to pick and choose the date, time, length and frequency of your office or desk hire to best suit your team and the hours you work.

Don’t worry about committing to a long-term lease. The continuous growth of a successful startup is to be expected, so choosing a space 


Co-working Spaces for Business Growth

Co-working spaces usually include the opportunity to hire one or multiple desks in a large communal space, perfect for a small team of one or two people that are looking for a professional working environment without overspending on office space, removing any overhead costs.

Choosing a co-working space for your startup provides flexibility and professionalism as you get your business off the ground and start to scale.

When growing a business it can be unpredictable how quickly your business may scale, so knowing how much space you will need in the next few months can be difficult. With the flexibility of co-working spaces, it will be easy to expand your team, allowing you to hire more desk space as your team increases. 


Networking in Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces can be used by any number of people from across a wide variety of industries, making it an ideal workspace that provides networking opportunities, allowing you to meet like-minded people that could prove to be important connections down the road.

From business opportunities and fresh ideas to new friendships, collaborative workspaces are a breath of fresh air that can increase productivity and creativity.


Day Offices and Virtual Workspaces

If you need a limited amount of office time, whether you are building your startup whilst working other jobs or the business can build from home for the majority of the time, a day office may be the ideal choice for your startup.

Exactly as it sounds, a day office allows you to book an office a day at a time depending on your needs. From a monthly team meeting to a collaborative workday, day offices are a great choice if you want to encourage interaction between team members as your business grows. 


Private Office Spaces for Startups

As your business grows you may want to upgrade from co-working spaces and virtual catchups to a private office space

Sometimes finding private office space can be an expense your startup can not afford, especially if you are based in a large city with high rent prices. Private office spaces from a workspace provider like Us&Co could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Choose your desired private office space and hire it at a fixed rate whilst enjoying all of the amenities the building offers, taking your co-working space perks and adding additional privacy and space to allow you to focus on your business without any distractions.


Meeting Spaces for Important Meetings

When you are starting a business you may find yourself inundated with meetings, whether internal or with important clients. If you are still conducting the majority of your work from your spare room you may want to find a professional environment for important meetings. Showing potential clients and investors the sleek, professional side of your business can be encouraging, so a meeting space may be something to consider.

Including amenities and the necessary technology for show-stopping presentations and meetings, a designated meeting space can increase meeting productivity and help to provide your team with a boost. 

Whilst meetings may be an important part of scaling your startup, you may also not need a permanent meeting space depending on your needs, so a hireable meeting space can help you to expand your business offering without breaking the bank or causing unnecessary expenses as you are trying to increase profits.


Scale Your Startup With Flexible Workspaces From Us&Co

If scaling your startup is on your mind, choosing a flexible workspace could be the right choice for your growing business. 

At Us&Co our flexible workspaces are fully equipped to help you boost your business and take your startup to the next level. Our workspaces are prepared to grow with you as your business continues to grow.

Get in touch with our helpful team to find the right workspace for your startup, or check out our locations in London Stratford and London Monument to find your perfect space.