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4 emerging trends you need to look for in your new co-working space

Co-working spaces are becoming a popular option for many corporations to foster innovation rather than just being a workspace for freelancers and start-ups. Having this trend in mind, many co-working spaces are starting to give more and more importance to their atmosphere to respond to this changing demand. We listed the trends you need to keep an eye on if you’re looking to move to a new co-working space:

Inclusive atmosphere

As suggested by Oliver Marlow, co-founder of TILT at this year’s Business Centre Association (BCA) Annual Conference & Exhibition, co-working spaces should represent the inclusive nature of the concept. Today co-working is sought by different generations – Baby Boomers, Generation Z and Millennials. Predictably, each of these different type of communities have diverse requirements and priorities. A successful co-working space is the one that creates an inclusive atmosphere for all and that is a hub allowing them to exchange beneficial knowledge. It is extremely valuable to choose a co-working space that includes members from diverse career paths and generations to get the true benefit of co-working.

Local Identity

When it comes to choosing a new co-working space it is important to go for the one that embraces the local identity. Based in the City of London, Us & Co represents the professional character of the capital’s business centre, while not falling short of the comfortable co-working ambiance. As for many things, also in co-working spaces the “one size fits all” approach isn’t proven to be extremely satisfying for the members. Once you are a member of a co-working office, you shouldn’t only be expecting to have a workspace but also to become a part of the local community. Through different in-house events and networking opportunities, a co-working space should create a base for its members to get the most of its location.

Flexible Space

A co-working space needs to be a catalyst rather than a container. So, the space should be shaped in a way to promote collaborations. Co-working spaces’ flexible nature also allows them to become a “contact centre” for larger organisations to reach out to smaller start-ups and work together without having to compromise their company culture. At Us & Co you can find spaces to focus on your task on your own or with your team, as well as relaxing in break-out areas located on each floor.

Tech Integrations

By far the most important element for a co-working space to have is its adaptability to the newest technology. This doesn’t just include offering high-speed Wi-Fi or cutting-edge telecom solutions – technology needs to be an integral part of the service, making the co-working membership as efficient as possible. At Us & Co, you feel this seamless integration from the moment you enter the building.

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