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5 benefits of hot desking (you probably didn’t realise)

By definition, hot desking is the concept of co-working where you don’t get a set desk to use every day but instead, you get the opportunity to sit wherever you prefer each day.  This simple co-working concept we offer at Us&Co comes with added benefits that you might not have noticed yet.

Increased level of communication & collaboration

Hot desking automatically calls for bonding with whoever’s in your surroundings. As you change your spot on a daily basis, you are exposed to a different desk-neighbour almost every day. This can lead to having valuable conversations with individuals from different backgrounds and industries – a chance you might not have easily in a regular office space. This is particularly useful for start-ups, freelancers and one-man bands looking to expand their network of partners and potential clients.

Efficiency for Larger Teams

Even if you’re not a solo entrepreneur and you are part of a corporate team, hot desking offers efficiency for project based collaboration. The team members that work on a specific task can simply choose to sit around each other to exchange ideas and plans without the hassle of scheduling a formal meeting. This allows to learn new skills, as if you are particularly interested in a specific area of the company, working next to an expert in that field is one of the best ways to pick up all the required information.

Choosing Your Own Ambiance

With hot desking, you are free to choose where to sit. This means, if you’re completing a task where you need extra concentration, you can choose to sit at a quieter corner for the day whereas usually you prefer to sit around chatty co-workers. This can allow you to manage your days more wisely and not get distracted when you don’t want to. There is a misconception that co-working sacrifices privacy and is not conducive to productivity, but actually the opposite is often true. If you are interested in learning more about this, check out our blog on the co-working/privacy debate here.

Cheaper Option

If you are concerned about the costs, hot desking should be your go-to option. As you do not have your own dedicated spot, you are basically sharing the cost of the space with fellow hot desking members. Our hot desking membership comes with free benefits such as superfast WiFi, usage of our drinks bar and top floor event space and terrace!

Stay tidy, stay focused

As the desk is not entirely yours, you don’t have much time to clutter it with unnecessary post-it notes, brochures or PR gifts. Hot desk mentality motivates people to be tidier and more organised, in order to leave the desk ready for the next person and to expect the same when they choose a new spot the next day. According to a research published in Journal of Consumer Research, there is a 167% improvement in persistence and attention span and 10% improvement in productivity in neater work places. What a win-win!

With our Hot Desk membership option, you get access to shared work space, to our coffee bar where everything is complimentary you can also use the Clubspace on the top floor with its central coffee bar, cafe tables and terraces – great for taking a quiet break or informal meetings. Come see it for yourself, book your visit now!