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5 cities every entrepreneur should see

One of the most crucial things for an entrepreneur is to have a vast network. Even if you are based in a start-up friendly city where you have access to many entrepreneurial networking events, it is very important to broaden your perspectives. The most efficient – and let’s be honest – the most fun way to achieve this is travelling. Here we picked 5 cities every entrepreneur should visit as soon as the opportunity comes.

Paris, France

Whether you are travelling to meet with fellow entrepreneurs or to get inspiration for your own business, Paris is always a good idea. It may not be the first city to come up to your mind when talking about entrepreneurship, however with VCs investing $2.7 billion in France last year, it is the second biggest European hub after UK (with $3.7 billion investments). Drink Entrepreneurs is an unformal, monthly event, which is open to entrepreneurs from all stages of their career to network over a drink. Very Parisian!

San Francisco, USA

Without any doubt, San Francisco is still the tech capital of the world. Even though it would be more time consuming than visiting a nearby European city, an entrepreneur must visit San Francisco to experience the true innovation spirit. The technophiles out are guaranteed to have the time of their lives during this trip, especially while visiting Stanford and Lucky 165, Palo Alto – the early office of Google and many leading startups.


Singapore is where East meets West.

It is home to many multi-national organisations and its support for entrepreneurship is growing day by day. In 2016, tech start-ups led a record $3.5 billion venture capital investments into Singapore, as shared by Brand Insider. Paying a visit to Singapore is definitely an adventure for everybody, especially for entrepreneurs who are aiming to be successful in today’s rapidly globalising business scene.

Tel Aviv, Israel

According to Wall Street Journal, Tel Aviv is home to more than 1,000 startups and the number is continuing to grow. It is a perfect hub for everything from accelerators to networking events and leading research institutions. Bonus side – amazing beaches and cuisine so you can mix business and pleasure!

Berlin, Germany

Frankfurt may be the first German city that comes up to your mind when you think of financial institutions and Munich can be a great example of an industrial town. Berlin, however, is a completely different environment where entrepreneurs thrive. According to Compass, the city holds over 3,000 startups and is filled with international entrepreneurs thanks to its busy events calendar all year long. Definitely check what is on Factory Berlin’s calendar to make sure you don’t miss out on interesting networking events and seminars when you’re in town.

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