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5 easy new year’s resolutions you may actually keep

We’ve all been there, the clock strikes midnight and we enter the New Year full of optimism and motivation that the coming year will be “your year”. We get swept up in the moment and make a long list of resolutions, from quitting smoking to giving up chocolate and going to the gym 5 times a week. And we’ve all been there on the 15th January where these resolutions are already a thing of the past and totally not feasible. So why not make this year different? Set yourselves some quick and easy resolutions that you will actually keep and that could really help make 2017 YOUR YEAR.

1. Give something back

Giving something back not only helps others and puts a smile on someone’s face but can also make you feel really great as well. It doesn’t have to include large sums of money, it can be anything from random acts of kindness like buying a round of coffees for your colleagues or taking home a baked treat to your neighbour, to donating a few hours of your spare time to a local charity at the weekend. Try it this week and see how it makes you feel.

2. Educate yourself

As the age old saying goes “every day’s a school day”, you may not be a student anymore but that doesn’t mean the education has to stop. Take a few minutes out of your day and learn something new, even if it is just a random fact of the day (try googling “fact of the day” and see what comes up). Got a bit more time? Then why not start an online course, there are thousands out there from business management, to sign language, to mindfulness and well-being. Keep your brain active this year; remember knowledge is power.

3. Stop procrastinating

Now this one is definitely easier said than done. We are all guilty of doing everything possible to avoid the task in hand. Quickly checking emails, writing a shopping list, making plans for the weekend, scrolling through Instagram, cleaning, whatever your crutch may be, make 2017 the year that you stop. Make a to-do list with realistic deadlines and deliberately pick the most unpleasant item first, to get them out of the way. Mange your technological distractions, limit how often you check your phone/emails; lock it in a drawer if you need to. And stick to completing one task before starting another. All of these things should slowly but surely help to cut down your time spent procrastinating. Try it this year; you know you’ll feel so much better after completing your to-do list.

4. Cut down technology

The thought of switching off completely can fill some people with dread, and may not be totally practical for your work or social life. But taking baby steps to cutting down your technology use can really help to cleanse your mind and aid productivity. For example keep your bedroom tech-free, and avoid aimless scrolling right before bed. Alternatively why not try Freedom, an internet, social media and app blocker which works on phones, tablets and computers. It allows you to block certain websites and apps for particular times during the day, to help improve your focus and productivity.

5. Treat yourself

It’s always important to look after number one, so make sure you find time to treat yourself this year. Whether that be buying yourself that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on, a new book or the latest bit of tech. Big or small, treats of any size can help to keep a happy and healthy mind. You definitely can’t fail at this resolution.

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