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5 habits you need to start right now to supercharge your week

It’s a Monday morning, you’re tired and at a loss as to how you’re going to accomplish all that you have planned for the week. Well now’s the time to stop, take a moment and check out our handy five habits that will help supercharge your week ahead (and all the weeks following).

Forward planning

When you’re an entrepreneur you can’t play things by ear, which means you need a plan to know what you’re doing and when. Plus, it’s always easier to complete tasks when you’ve planned for them and know when you’re set to complete them. It’ll also save you time in the morning as you’ll already know, straight away, what you need to do that day. If you can, write your to-do list the night before; that way you know exactly what you’re doing as soon as you get to the office the following morning, freeing up more time to get started on your tasks.

Get up early

The early bird really does catch the worm! Your brain is at its most optimum in the morning; giving you more focus and brain power to accomplish your tasks for the day. You will also find that it’s a lot calmer in the morning, meaning you’ll be able to work on tasks undisturbed. Not only should you be getting up early, you should also have a morning routine established (link to morning routine). This will signal to your brain that it’s time to work, making mornings a little easier for you if you’re still not ‘a morning person’.

Learn/practise mindfulness

Whilst mindfulness may feel like a fad that is currently making the rounds, it’s been proven to provide incredible benefits on your mind and in turn your work; making it something that is here to stay. By mastering mindfulness and making it a habit, you’ll find that you’re calmer, focused and more attentive in every aspect of your life.

Set a weekly goal

Everyone enjoys the rush that’s felt after accomplishing a goal, so set yourself a new goal each week for something you’d like to achieve. This could be anything, both outside of work, such as completing a 5K, or inside of work such as finalising a big contract you’ve been working on for weeks. Change your goals each week, and make sure they’re attainable whilst still allowing you to push yourself.


Exercise is not only good for the body; it’s good for the mind. It can help increase brain power and productivity. If you’ve always wanted to exercise regularly, studies show making it a part of your morning routine helps aid consistency, and people that work out in the morning are more likely to stick to their workout routines and fitness goals. If that’s not enough, the endorphins will put you in a great mood for whatever the day has to throw at you, so why not give it a go?