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Five things entrepreneurs can learn from comedians

Whilst you may not think there is much to learn from comedians, other than ‘how to be funny’, there are actually many secrets a comedian could share that would provide a large learning curve for budding and existing entrepreneurs.

They learn as they go/they adapt

When you set out to begin your own business you probably had a plan in mind of how things were going to go and a clear plan on how to succeed. However, in business, and life in general, things don’t always go as planned. A comedian in a show might get caught off guard by a heckler, they may stumble over some words and lose their direction, but they don’t stop. They quickly adapt and move on, taking the experience on the chin and using it to forward their future stand-up routines. The same applies to entrepreneurs. Maybe your business plan takes a little detour, learn from the experience and adapt your plan for the future.

Be optimistic

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best is a common thought process by many. Comedians and entrepreneurs however have to keep optimism in their mind. Positive thoughts often breed positive outcomes, which is something both entrepreneurs and comedians aspire toward. When comedians speak out to their audience, they’re hopeful that responses will boost the rest of their routine; they aren’t constantly thinking it will fail miserably and ruin everything. When trying a new idea, entrepreneurs should adopt the same mind-set.

Stay calm

Standing on stage in front of loads of people expecting you to make them laugh can be quite tricky, and nerve wracking. Yet, whilst comedians are in this stressful situation, they remain calm and collected. This ability to stay calm in stressful situations is imperative to an entrepreneur’s success. Many situations will arrive that could cause alarm and stress, however if either a comedian or entrepreneur doesn’t stay calm, the situation could continue to spiral out of control.

Remain patient

Things don’t always go the way you envision them to, and often take more time to come into fruition than you once planned. For comedians this may be getting the right punchline for a joke, and for an entrepreneur it could mean waiting for an offer to go through. Having patience during these times can make the payoff that much greater when the time does come.

They take risks

Whether it’s a joke that lies right on the line, testing new techniques or even performing their set at a bigger venue than they’ve previously performed at, comedians are constantly taking risks in order to improve. Entrepreneurs need to follow suit. The best entrepreneurs are rarely known for playing it safe, and often have to take big chances in order to see a big payoff. Whilst it can feel intimidating at the time and like you should hold back, you’ll find the reward for taking the risk is much better than the safety net you were once in.