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How to stay positive when running your own business

Whilst setting up your own business is an extremely exciting time, it can also be quite daunting, fraught with ups and downs. We want you to enjoy every moment of your new venture so we have found five ways you can stay positive when you start running your own business.

Learn to delegate

When beginning your own business, it can often feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders and that, because it’s your business, you need to tackle it all by yourself; that’s far from true. They’ll be people around you who are rooting for you to succeed and more than willing to help along the way. If you already have a team around you, (and even if you don’t) find someone you can delegate tasks to. Chances are there are people in your team who may have more experience and capacity to help you accomplish the tasks clogging up your to do list.

Work in an environment that motivates you

The environment you choose to work in can have a massive impact on the work you produce. A small room with your computer in and little else is unlikely to give you the oomph and drive both you and your business needs. A bright and fun office filled with like-minded people who will continue to push, drive and motivate you can not only have a positive effect on you, but also the work you’re producing, in turn aiding the success of your business.

Remove negative people

Just like your working environment, the people you surround yourself with can have a massive impact on your own state of mind and the work that your business produces. Take a moment to assess the people in both your working life and personal life. Are they pushing you further towards your goal or putting roadblocks in the way? The same goes for clients. If you’re working with a client who is being extremely difficult and you can see the effects trickling into the way your business is operating, consider cutting them loose. Not only will it alleviate the strain they’re placing on your business, it’ll free up your time to focus on other more fruitful clients.

Find different ways to define success

We all measure success in different ways and can often get caught up in the desire of being ‘successful’. However if you change the parameters in which you define your success, it can often have a positive impact on your business and yourself. Perhaps stop thinking of success in monetary value and find a new angle, such as the feedback you receive from clients.

Learn to say ‘No’

Much like our first point, when beginning a business it can often feel like you need to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity coming your way and feel like if you don’t there is the possibility you may not get another chance. However, if you continue to say yes and end up stretching yourself too far, you won’t be able to sufficiently deliver on all the things you’ve said yes to in the first place. When taking things on, take some time to consider if you can really handle the work you’re saying yes to.  There’s no shame in saying no.