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Productivity hacks to make better use of your time

No one likes to feel flustered, and how often do we hear the words “there aren’t enough hours in the day”? Well our tips below can help you make better use of those precious hours and become a productivity powerhouse.

1. Stand to attention

Find yourself always in meetings? Noticing that too often the conversation goes off topic?  Why not try having your meetings standing up? We’ve all heard it before but it really works! Why? It’s  because, quite honestly, no one likes to stand on their feet for too long,  which means you’re far more inclined to get the job done and have your meeting wrapped up  in no time.

2. Learn to say No!

Ok, by this we don’t mean just blurting out a straight out NO! What we’re talking about here is learning to say no to some of those ‘side of desk’ conversations when people ask you “…do you have 5 minutes to talk about…” If you’re in the middle of something, don’t let it distract you from what you are doing, simply say no and arrange a more suitable time.

3. Build a schedule; don’t just write a to-do list

Most of us get to the desk in the morning and write ourselves a to-do list, and sure, they can work. But what’s better?! Building yourself a schedule! Rather than a to-do list, a schedule will help you feel more in control of your time. If someone wants to book an appointment check your schedule and see where it will fit in without compromising your other tasks.

4. Tidy workspace, tidy mind

Decluttering your workspace is almost a form of therapy. An untidy desk can feel a little daunting but the process of clearing it up will not only make physical space but also help clear your headspace, giving you more time to focus on the good stuff.

5. Fuel the fire

Eating well will positively affect your productivity throughout the day. Getting the balance right can be tricky to begin with but you’ll soon begin to reap the benefits. All the usual applies, not too much caffeine, not too much sugar, more protein to keep those hunger pangs at bay, and enough water to keep you hydrated and switched on. You’re not going to get anywhere if you feel sluggish and lethargic. Find out the best places to eat near Us & Co and fuel your day the right way.

6. Take 5

Overwhelmed by what you have to achieve in just one day? Take 5 minutes, stand up, take a walk and re-focus. According to research carried out by The Draugiem Group the average person should work for 52 minutes at a time. The regular breaks will help you tackle more when you’re at your desk.