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Seven free websites worth spending your time on

In the age of the Internet it’s pretty easy to find yourself getting distracted during the day with the millions of websites available at the click of a button. Whilst procrastination is often not a good idea, we’ve compiled a list of websites that can actually help make you smarter and more business savvy, should you find your mind wondering, why not do something productive and visit one of the sites listed below.

1. Platzi

Providing live-streamed online courses on a number of topics from web and app development to online marketing, with many of them free, Platzi can help widen your knowledge on a variety of different technological areas.

2. Mental Floss

Mental Floss want to bring you interesting facts, trivia and information on things you didn’t know to help increase your knowledge whilst also putting a smile on your face; perfect to add to your small talk and pub quiz repertoire.


A global online learning community that is full of free, high-quality online education resources, ALISON helps empower you to continually improve. Add further strings to your bow by studying areas outside of your business area.

4. TED

Devoted to ideas worth spreading, TED provides short videos on a wide range of subjects that can help inspire, educated and engage you with a new way of thinking. Many of them are less than ten minutes and can often leave you feeling motivated for hours.

5. Brain Pump

Feed your curiosity and learn something new with Brain Pump’s extensive library of videos on topics ranging from Space to Food. If you feel like sharing your own knowledge, you’re also able to submit your own videos too.

6. FutureLearn

A diverse selection of courses from universities and cultural institutions located all over the globe, FutureLearn believes in creating an enjoyable, social learning experience. Delivered one step at a time, and easily accessible from mobiles, tablets and desktop, it’s perfect for those who only have five minutes spare.

7. BBC Languages

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new language, here is your chance. BBC Languages provides courses and support to help you learn a wide range of different languages. You can listen to causes online, downloaded as an mp3. and also print it out to take with you, useful for a long commute or spare 5 minutes.