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Six ways to create a business people want to work for

Provide the opportunity to grow

People like to know that they’re working toward something in their career and that they will be able to progress within their roles. Highlight, from the offset, the different ways people will be able to progress their career whilst working for your business. Not only will it provide your employee with the drive and determination to grow in their position, it will also give everyone a transparent way of knowing what to expect and what is expected within the business.

Create a welcoming work environment

The more welcoming your working environment, the more likely it is people will want to work for you. It sounds simple, but is often overlooked by many business owners. There are many different ways you can ensure your business is welcoming to both new and existing employees. For example you could assign each new starter a ‘buddy’ who will help show them round the office and help them settle in, you could also create weekly or monthly lunch clubs so that everyone can socialise with one and other and get to know each other outside of their position within the business.

Have a personalised rewards scheme

People like to be rewarded for their hard work, and often work harder with an incentive, however not everyone is motivated by the same thing. Sit down with each employee and find out what drives them and what they’d like as a reward for reaching targets. Whilst it may take a bit of time to implement, you will see the return through the positive impact it will have on each employee.

Use personality as a key hiring factor

Whilst a high valued skill-set is extremely important when looking for a new hire you should also take the time to learn about each individual on a personal level. New hires can play an important part in affecting the environment you’ve created in your business. When considering which person you should hire, take a moment to reflect on the personality of each candidate and who you think would be the best fit with the rest of the team. If possible, take the time to introduce them to the rest of the team before their official first day.

Allow employees to build a culture

With people spending the majority of their time at work, it’s important for them to feel comfortable in their surroundings, and a way to do that is to allow them to build a positive work culture. A sociable office culture that has been built by the employees themselves can make them excited to come to work every day and will make them feel more relaxed when they’re there which should create a positive culture.

Have a clear business mission

A clear business mission ensures everyone is on the same page and working toward the same end goal. It also means that people will be attracted to your business because the passion people have within the business will be palpable.  People like to know who it is they are working for and what they’re working towards. A clear business mission also helps employees share your businesses message with people they meet outside of work, you never know they could also be a lead.