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Taking up yoga will help you pay the bills

Incorporating yoga into your daily workout routine and wellness efforts can be beneficial not only to your health but also your business. Businesses that offer yoga as part of their wellness program have found that their health insurance premiums have reduced and their bottom lines increased.


Increase energy

Not only can sitting still at a desk all day reduce your productivity it can also create stress and drain your energy. Adding in some simple yoga stretches can increase blood circulation which helps to reduce fatigue and increase energy levels. Check out this article for yoga you can do at your desk.

Reduce pain

Yoga can help alleviate the pain from even the most severe problems. It can also reduce the pain associated with headaches, carpal tunnel, neck strain etc. This means you will spend less time focusing on aches and pains and more time on your business’s needs. For more information on yoga for pain relief, see this article.

Reduce stress

One of the most common factors affecting employee’s health at work is stress. Stress accounts for millions of pounds lost due to reduced productivity and absence. But, good news; yoga can help reduce stress, and the side effects it presents. This means that more staff are in work than off sick and more productive whilst they’re there.

Improve concentration

Due to the hustle and bustle of business life, concentration can often be lost. Yoga, however, can help people find their inner focus.  By concentrating on their breathing, it allows people to minimise their distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. No more multitasking or procrastination for you!

Aids in thinking and learning

Studies have found an impressive link between people who practise yoga and their brain functionality. People who practise yoga or meditation are twice as likely to complete brain-computer interface tasks and learn new tasks three times as fast as those who don’t.[1] Looking to get more done in the day? Yoga!

Successful people who do Yoga

If we still haven’t convinced you on the benefits of yoga, see the successful people have made yoga work for them.

Sergey Brin – Co-Found of GOOGLE Inc.

Russell Simmons – Co-Founder Def Jam, Founder Phat Farm

Oprah Winfrey – Entrepreneur

Arianna Huffington – CEO of Huffington Post

Hillary Clinton – Former Secretary of State and First Lady


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