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Why business cards still matter in a digital world

Whilst you may think business cards are a thing of the past due to the ever growing popularity of online operations, the business card is something that should not be left in the shadows. In this post we discuss the reasons why business cards are still extremely important to your business.

It makes you memorable

When at networking events filled with lots of other people it’s easy for people to forget your name and your businesses name (don’t take it personally!) However, when you hand someone a physical record of your encounter, it makes it a lot easier for them to follow up on any conversations you may have. If you feel that you’ve made a good contact at a networking event, a business card containing your details and an easy way to contact you makes both of your lives easier, and it increases the chance that conversations will be followed up.

They add professionalism

Believe it or not business cards still help make your brand appear more professional. Whilst you may be an online whizz, many still judge a business by how they come across offline as well. A well designed business card will lead people to your website and digital presence, which they may miss without seeing your card first.

You’re always accessible

People who have your business card are able to access your information at all times. This means they’re not dependent on having decent (or any) internet access to retrieve your contact details.

They make interactions personable

Technology is great and has opened up a wide range of new communication tools but, it can often feel quite impersonal. With a business card however, you bring back the personal touch that so many desire; in turn making your connections feel that little bit deeper.

Wider promotion range

Unless you’re going into stores that have tablets and phones on display, it can be difficult for you to leave your businesses’ details lying around. With a business card you have the ability to leave one in your local sandwich shop, on the notice board of a busy coffee shop and even at important networking events. This allows you to promote your business to a whole host of people outside of the digital world.

Whilst these are all great reasons on why you should still be using business cards if you’re not one for keeping business cards or are desperate to bring a digital edge to the use of business cards, why not use an app like Evernote? This will allow you to save snaps of business cards, file and store them in a simple manner so you can benefit from both!