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Why Your Business Should Embrace Hybrid Working | Us & Co

Hybrid office working has shaken up the corporate world in recent years. The modern workplace is evolving into a space that facilitates a healthy work-life balance and the demands of a more flexible way of life post-COVID.

With the popularity of the hybrid model only rising, it’s time for all businesses to consider how they can provide this way of working to their employees. 

With this in mind, this blog will cover what hybrid working is, as well as its benefits for both employers and employees. We’ll also briefly touch on how to start embracing the hybrid approach for your own business, with practical advice on making it work for you.


What is Hybrid Working?


Hybrid working is a workplace model that involves both remote working and traditional office-based work. It’s flexible by nature, offering employees greater control over their movements while allowing employers to utilise more flexible workspaces if a large office isn’t in the budget.


In short, it’s the perfect combination of legacy office working and modern, flexible remote working. From embracing practicality to improving productivity, the hybrid model allows businesses to step into the future of the workplace without totally abandoning the upsides of having a physical base.


The Benefits of Hybrid Office Working


The evidence suggests that the benefits of flexible working are a win-win for employers and employees. A hybrid office falls squarely in the ‘flexible workspace’ of the future – here’s how.


A Higher Emphasis on Work-Life Balance

We’ve already touched on the importance of a healthy work-life balance for modern job seekers. In this day and age, workers are much more mindful of the effects of their work life on their mental health. Perks and initiatives that champion them as people go a long way, as employees want to feel more in control of their working lives.

Of course, embracing a hybrid office model is not the only way to do this, but it can be a great option to help your organisation become more appealing to the modern workforce. 


Improved Productivity

Studies show that an improvement in mental well-being equals greater productivity. We’re most productive when we feel in control and when we feel our personal needs are being met; giving employees the chance to embrace their jobs on their own terms can be just the incentive they need to improve their output.

If you want to make your business more competitive – both in the sense of being more appealing to job seekers and with a higher-quality output from improved productivity – the modern hybrid model could be the answer.


Simplified & Streamlined Meetings

Boardroom meetings have been dying out for some time now, with the COVID-19 pandemic proving that even essential face-to-face meetups can be conducted remotely. Modern technology makes it extremely easy for office workers to catch up, strategise and learn from anywhere in the world, let alone the country – it’s why there’s been such a rise in remote working. 

Of course, this translates perfectly to the hybrid model, where meetings can be held at the convenience of attendees.

Now, not every business can afford to get rid of in-person meetings altogether – but conducting day-to-day meetings online is very possible, with no necessary sacrifice to productivity.


Financial Benefits for Employers and Employees

The hybrid working model can save a tremendous amount of money, not just for employees but for businesses themselves as well. The lower overheads that come from a reduced, form-fitting office space can be game-changing. You can essentially grow your workforce without paying for more space in some cases.

For employees themselves, the lower commuting costs can be extremely enticing, particularly in busy, central economic hubs. Hybrid office working is simply one of the most sustainable ways to carry out business in this day and age.


How to Set Up Your Hybrid Workspace


Below are our top tips for getting started with your business’s own hybrid arrangement. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but these considerations should get you started in the right direction.


Choose the Right Hybrid Model for Your Business’s Needs

A hybrid office can take two possible forms: 

  1. Employees have set days when working in the office. This can involve everyone being in the office on only a few days of the week, or on a rota whereby each employee is assigned days to come in.
  2. Employees ‘opt-in’ to their office days, giving them the control to choose when they work from home or from the office during core working hours.


Giving employees the power to choose when they’re in the office is perhaps the most popular model, as it affords them the best opportunity for a work-life balance that suits their (and your) needs. If your business allows for employees to do this (within reason, of course!), you might consider it the best course of action.

The rota option is great if you have limited office space – employees can hotdesk where needed to ensure they all enjoy office days and home days in a space that might be crammed should too many be in the office on a single day. Of course, this option requires more admin on your side, which is worth bearing in mind.


Bring Your Employees Onboard with Decision Making

Choosing the model doesn’t need to be the choice of key decision-makers alone. Bringing employees into this decision is a good idea, as the model is designed partly to meet their own needs. Therefore, having them join you in choosing the right model can be beneficial for all involved.


Consider Using a Flexible Workspace

Flexible workspaces and hybrid working are the perfect combination. With a flexible office, you can supercharge your business’ sustainability even further, whether you’re a large organisation or a budding start-up business looking for the right office space.

Flexible workspaces don’t have to completely do away with the traditional ‘9 to 5’ – in fact, they can enhance it in ways that are more conducive to modern lifestyles, making them ideal for moulding to the needs of a hybrid office environment.


Embrace the Hybrid Office with Us & Co


If you’re looking for an office space that flexes to your business’s hybrid needs, we’d love to hear from you.

Us & Co hosts a series of flexible workspaces for London and Dublin businesses, with an array of offices and meeting rooms that can mould to your needs. Whether you’re after a flexible but fixed office space or just need a day office to use sporadically, we can meet your needs to give you and your employees the work environment you need.


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