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Write emails that always get a response

Make it personal

People like to feel special and important, which means your email should in turn make them feel that way. Always use the person’s name when beginning your email and try to slip in something that shows this email is tailored specifically to them. For example, if you know they like cycling, try asking if they’ve been on a bike ride recently. These personal touches will show the recipient that you care and took the time to email them, making them want to repay the favour.

Short and sweet

People can often be put off by a long email not only because of the time it will take to read and digest but because they feel like they’ll have to send a long response back, which will use up more of their valuable time. Try and condense what you want to put across into as few words as possible. Make it snappy and to the point, allowing for a fast response. If you have a lot to say, maybe try to schedule a follow up call instead, at a time where you’re both free.


Aside from looking unprofessional, typos and mistakes make it seem like you don’t really care and haven’t put much attention to your email, and if that’s the case the person you’re emailing isn’t going to want to put the time into responding. Put your email through a spellchecker, read it out loud and if possible ask someone else to cast a glance over it.

Tell people you’re going to email them

Give the person you’re emailing a heads up so they know to look out for your email. If you know you’re going to be receiving an email, it’s easier to look out for it so that it doesn’t get lost in your inbox.

Make sure it’s necessary

Could what you’re sending via email be said in a more efficient way? For example in person or over the phone? Whilst email may be the most used form of communication at the moment, you should never underestimate the power of a phone call or face to face meeting.