How the Elizabeth Line is Helping London Businesses

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How the Elizabeth Line is Helping London Businesses

Commuting to London can feel stressful, especially for those living slightly further afield with a network of clients within the city centre. Finding the fastest way into London, either to get to work or to attend important meetings is often an important factor in your daily commute, and with the introduction of the new Elizabeth Line to London and the surrounding areas this is all possible.


What Does the New Elizabeth Line Mean for Businesses?

Since the Elizabeth line opened in May last year, businesses big and small are celebrating a boost to business thanks to the efficiency of the line.


Faster connections across the city and beyond make it easier to face the morning commute whilst keeping costs down for local residents and visitors alike. People can now make the most of what the UK capital has to offer, travelling between stations to support local businesses and cutting down on commute times for more time spent at home with loved ones.


The brand new trains have added a 10% capacity to morning commutes, freeing up space with fresh new trains that will leave you feeling much more relaxed on your commute. With space for up to 1,500 passengers, commuting to London has never felt easier.


What stations are on the Elizabeth Line?

The Elizabeth Line covers a more than 100 km stretch of rail between Reading and Abbey Wood, visiting multiple stops across London whilst cutting commute time down to forty-five minutes in some instances.


The most popular Elizabeth Line stops include Stratford, Paddington and Canary Wharf according to Transport for London. With transport available seven days a week there have already been more than 60 million journeys across the line since it opened.


Stratford has become a prominent business district in London, with the Elizabeth Line providing quick and regular transport to and from the district, making it the ideal location for business meetings and office space in London.


Office Spaces in Stratford, London

With the Elizabeth Line increasing the popularity of the London Stratford area, many businesses may be considering the move to the area. 


Finding a commutable office space within walking distance of the Elizabeth Line could be the ideal space for London-based businesses and meetings, especially for those looking for affordable office space for their small business or flexible work schedule.


Since the Elizabeth line, business in Stratford has been booming, with office spaces like Us&Co seeing an increase in office space and meeting room bookings. Providing flexible workspaces and co-working opportunities in London, Us&Co could be the right choice for your next business meeting.


Discover an Easy Commute with the Elizabeth Line at Us&Co

Just a short walk from Stratford Station, Us&Co provides flexible workspaces for businesses and individuals looking to make a space for themselves in Stratford. Whether you are coming from Bond Street or Reading, enjoy a peaceful commute to a high-tech, clean, managed office space and enjoy working without the stress of early mornings or crowded trains.


Get in touch with the Us&Co team today for more information about our office and desk rental options, or check out the virtual tour of our Stratford offices to see what all the fuss is about.